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Ueno Park in Tokyo

Ueno Park

Ueno Park

It’s almost Spring which means Hanami (花見cherry blossom viewing) season is coming again!

Hanami is a Spring event for Japanese since Nara Period (710 to 784).
Large number of Hanami parties are held throughout the day during the season.
People eat, drink (sake - alcohol allowed), chat, sing and watch entertainment under beautiful cherry blossom trees for hours and hours!
Yes, you may spot many drunks, however, that is part of the festivity as far as I concern.
Hanami at night is called yozakura (夜桜literally "night sakura"). It is also fantastic experience.
Here are 3 great spots for Hanami in Tokyo. When to go for a Hanami? Watch the blossom forecast on the weather forecast!

Ueno Park2

“Ueno Park” is one of Tokyo’s best Hanami spots.
Just a few steps from JR Ueno station, the park is all occupied by noisy yet joyful and often-Karaoke-lovers Hamani people (approximately 200 million!) for the season starting late March to early April.
The most popular Hanami spot within the park is along the main street where you can see many people come early (sometimes spending over night at a spot) and ‘reserve’ a spot.
This public park locates in central Tokyo features not only about 1,200 cherry blossom trees, but also some other cultural venues such as “the National Museum of Nature and Science”, “the National Museum of Western Art””, and historical “Kaneiji”.
The best recommendation for smaller kids is to visit “Ueno Zoo”, Japan's first zoological garden, to see 400 kinds of different animals including a Giant Panda. Boating at “Shinobazu Pond” is also a good family activity.
The pond is located at the south end of the park, and is consists of 3 ponds (Boat, Lotus and Cormorant).
It has a circumference of about 2 km and a surface of about 1,100,000m in total.

[How to get there] JR Ueno Station's "Park Exit" directly leads to the park.

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