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Shinjuku Omoide Yokocho in Tokyo

Shinjyuku Omoide Yokocho1
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Shinjuku Omoide Yokocho

Are you tired of sushi and tempura and feeling like trying something else, such as the “soul food” of regular Japanese people? Then “Shinjuku Omoide Yokocho” is a must destination!

“Omoide Yokocho” means “Sidestreet of Memories”.
There are over 80 eateries in the district. The district is famous for its variety of delicious food as well as reasonable prices and warm hospitality.
Prior to WWII, this shopping district was filled with 30 to 40 stalls selling clothes, shoes, daily products, used books and light meals such as oden (veggies, fish sausage, and eggs cooked in Japanese-style broth), boiled potatoes, boiled red beans, etc.
When the war ended, people slowly started to rebuild the district to its original shape and bustling community. This history of the community explains why the streets are so narrow and the shops are so small and crammed.

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“Omoide Yokocho” has anything and everything!
• Yakitori/kushiyaki … grilled chicken skewers and mixed grills
• Izakaya … casual Japanese style bars
• Yakiniku … grilled beef and others
• Soba … buckwheat noodles
• Sushi
• Ramen noodles
• Casual Japanese diners … gyoza (dumplings), authentic charcoal-grilled lamb barbecue, tonkatsu (pork cutlet)
• Bars
• Coffee shops

Shinjuku Omoide Yokocho
2 min. walk from the west exit of JR Shinjuku station or/and Seibu-Shinjuku station Seibu-Shinjuku line

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