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Edogawa Fireworks in Tokyo

Edogawa Fireworks1

Edogawa Fireworks

On the first Saturday night of August, get ready for the amazing experience of Edogawa Fireworks show, the biggest musical fireworks show in Japan!

Edogawa Fireworks show takes place at Edogawaku (Tokyo) side riverbed of Edogawa River and on the other side of the river, Ichikawa City Summer Night Fireworks show is held. Both city jointly host this great fireworks show which brings about 1,400,000 people every year. Together with Ichikawa City Summer Night Fireworks show, Edogawa Fireworks show is known as It is jointly hosted by both

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Themed Musical Fireworks show

The most unique aspect of this fireworks show is the harmony of fireworks and its background music. The show consists of 8 different themes, and the total of 14,000 fireworks are set off along with beautiful background music for those themes. Here are the introductions of each themes for better understanding of the show to enjoy it even more:

1. So Much Obliged! Edogawa Dream Fireworks
This is the famous opening theme well known for non-stop explosion of 1,000 fireworks only in 5 second! Don’t miss this dynamic opening where dark night sky of Edogawa will instantly be filled with colors.

2. Moss Phlox –Dancing with Mt. Fuji-
You can enjoy beautiful nature of the great Mt. Fuji and bright Moss Phlox expressed perfectly by colorful fireworks and the music.

3. Summer Splash!
It’s the summer of splashing!! Cool down a bit with some splash of fireworks!

4. Come together! Let’s play tag in the dark!
Playful and cheerful animals play tag in the dark night sky! Find out who will not be tagged till the end!

5. Edogawa Quartet
It is the concert of 4 different pastel colored fireworks and the music.

6. Flowers in Mirror, Moon on the Water –Forest Bathing in Dark Night Sky-
Relax yourself like you are forest bathing. Very gentle lights and music will let you feel a peace of mind for a moment

7. Yellow Rush!
The dark night sky of Edogawa dazzlingly flashed! Don’t be left out from this energetic and fast speed performance.

8. Bright Guide to the Future
The grand finale with colorful fireworks and golden showers spread out on the dark night sky shining your guide to the future!

Thanks to the development of technologies, precise performance of harmonized fireworks and music is enabled by remotely controlled firing system. Another thing makes this fireworks show so magnificent and inspirational is the support and love from local residence. Donation boxes, called “One Coin Box” are located in several spots within the city to raise the fund to support Edogawa Fireworks show.

Edogawa Fireworks3

Watch it on the Water

One of the best viewing spot of Edogawa Fireworks show would be “On the Water”!

Edogawa River will be opened for private boats and commercial Japanese houseboats to watch the show. There are several local boating company offering special boat ride for the show priced starting from about 20,000yen per person. Some offers dinner cruise plans or special charter plans for large group of people.

If you are considering taking your own boat ride to enjoy the show, make sure to apply for the permission in advance. All the boats need a special ID Flag as a permission to access to the designated viewing area on the river and no other boats are allowed to enter that area during the show. There will be traffic regulation on the river starting from 2:30pm until couple of hours after the show is over

This year, Edogawa Fireworks show will be held on Saturday, August 1st starting from 7:15pm to 8:30pm. In case of bad weather it will be re-scheduled on the following day, Sunday, August 2nd.

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